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I was not prepared when I clicked on this video.
When I Need U started playing I instantly screamed and my hand flew over my mouth as I sat up in my bed. I then proceeded to do this wierd laugh almost cry thing with gasping for air bc Astro my new fav group is dancing to my other favorite group BTS. It's midnight where I am too so I had to try to keep my fangirling on the low but boy was that hard. If my bunk bed didn't have railings I would be on the floor right now. I can finally die peacefully.
UPDATE: They know Boy In Luv and Dope choreo. I can't. https://youtu.be/i5WKA-Wi5bY
@AraceliJimenez they have a reality show on vapp but you can't see all the episodes in the US but people uploaded it on youtube and it will be up on drama fever eventually
i freaking love bin!
that was awesome!
haven't really seen ASTRO much but they r adorable. Are there any reality shows with them?
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