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~vrmm vrmm~ YeonHee lets out a groan as she swats her hands out reaching for her annoying phone, she felt something a squeezed it . ______twitched when YeonHee ended up grabbing her feet. Opening her eyes she looks around "_____ the phone is beside you, please pick it up and end my misery" she says rubbing her eyes tiredly. _____ grabs the phone opening it. "Hello....." She says into the phone as she sits up. Chanyeol was surprised at the voice who picked up, after recovering he asked "YeonHee?" He asks looking out the window and at their window. "Its ______....wait i'll give it to her" she says letting out a yawn. Kai looks at Chanyeol wide eyed, of course it was on speaker and of course the guys were huddled around the phone and was defiantly caught off guard when ____ picked it up instead of YeonHee. After some shuffling YeonHee speaks. "What?" She asks sounding a bit annoyed, "come now, we need the house to be cleaned." Chanyeol says controlling his voice. As the guys listen on they hear YeonHee tell _____ to get up and come with her. ______ replies back with an ok. "We'll be there. ______ get up!!" YeonHee says fully awake now. As ______ was getting up her leg got caught in the sheets and she came tumbling to the floor. "Oh mother of..ofghhh!!" ___ says groaning. "What? What happened?" Chanyeol asks wondering what the sound was only to be interrupted by YeonHee's laughter. "____ fell off the bed!! Hahahaha" she says, _____ whined fully awake now she glared at YeonHee getting up rubbing her butt making the pain go away. "We are just going to brush our teeth and we will be there Chanyeol! Bye" the line goes silent. "Wow this is a great day! We got to hear _____'s morning voice and we get to see her again!" Baekhyun says smiling widely. D.O simply sips on his tea looking at the wall pretending not to be interested, he held in the laughter from when he found out _____ fell off the bed. "Hmm...so it ended up being a sleep over huh?" Kai says smirking. "Ya! Don't think li-" just then the door bell rang, Suho was closest at the moment so he went to open the door. There stood a smiling YeonHee ready for duty and a very tired _____, who hair was still messy. Suho mentally cursed himself for staring at the girl who seemed to be having a hard time standing up straight. "Oh good morning! , that was quick! Come in!" Suho greets assuring them inside. "Good Morning Suho Hyung." YeonHee says bowing slapping _____'s thighs to do the same. "Good morning Suho Hyung" she mumbles barely audible. He nods and leads them into the kitchen where all the members awaited for there arrival. Kai was first to see _____ and her cute messy hair, unable to control himself he slides up to her and makes her face him. "Let me fix it" he says leaning in and brushing her hair with his hands. Her hair felt so soft against his skin, he wished he could run his fingers through it all day. _____'s eyes widen due to the contact as she slowly blushes, after when he is done she stutters a thank you making him smirk proudly. The other members gave him deadly blank stares not impressed at all. "______!! You look so tired!!" Baekhyun notes, trying to erase the awkward atmosphere. She smiles sheepishly nodding in response before sitting next to D.O. D.O looked at the girl sympathetically as he thought of something. "Would you like some tea to wake you up?" He asks gently afraid to raise his voice. At the sound of tea her eyes brightens and a smile made it way up to her cheeks. "That sound great!!" With out thinking straight D.O hands over his cup to which she takes a sip sighing in content. Usually Baekhyun or Sehun would have made frun of this situation saying 'D.O and _____ shared an indirect kiss' and tease him about it, but they were to caught up being jealous to do so. "Thanks you D.O Oppa!!" She says energetic, this made D.O blush and making his eyes go wide. Not knowing what to say or how to react he just stared at her. During this time YeonHee was texting her boyfriend, Chanyeol caught on but didn't bother to acknowledge this due to all the drama happening before his very own eyes. "Shall we get started?" YeonHee asks putting her phone away, making eye contact with _____, who smirks at her flushed state. "Sure, where do i begin?" _____ asks hopping down from the stool and making her way to YeonHee her smile smirk never leaving her face. "You can start with my room!" Chanyeol instructs before any of the other guys can beat him to it. "______ just remember not to touch anything!" YeonHee tells her as she nods. "Where is your room?" She asks tilting her head to the side making the guys blush at how cute she is. Before YeonHee can take her Chanyeol volunteers. "I'll show you, follow me." He says walking stiffly out o the kitchen with ____ hot on his tail. "The house is beautiful" ___ says starting conversation. "It belonged to my grandfather.." Her replies, _____ was catching up to his long strides. "Really? Wow, your grandfather had great taste" she says smiling kindly. Chanyeol nods looking anywhere else but her. They make it to his room as he opens it, she walks in quiet surprised how neat it is. "So what would you like me to clean?" She asks reading the words written on the wall. 'When words fail, music speaks.' Chanyeol's smiles to him self seeing her admire his room. "All you have to do is sweep and dust the desks..if you need anything i will be at my desk since...uh.. im wroking on something." He ends it awkwardly taking a seat at his desk as she nods. Grabbing the broom she starts sweeping, originally Chanyeol was going to write a couple of lyrics but he couldnt concentrate. The graceful movements _____ did made him clam. ______ finished sweeping she turned and the bed caught her eye. It was not done properly! _____ being a tad bit OCD, she had to do something about it. "Uh....Chanyeol Oppa?" She squeaks, he looks up to meet her gaze. "Yes? You ok?" He asks concerned. "Um...i was wondering if i can fix your bed?" She asks fidgeting with her fingers cutely. "Sure! That would be awesome." He says a bit flustered , quickly looking down. She nods and gets down on the bed as she begins to straighten out the sheets humming to herself. Hearing her Chanyeol looks up and quickly looks back down regretting his decision. ____ was leaning down with her body stretched out ankd her stomach showing a bit. After she finished she looks at the beds headboard to see a huge picture of himself, 'maybe he likes to put up pictures of himself?' She wonders shrugging it off. She skips over to the desk where Chanyeol was trying to concentrate, she uses the duster and and wipes the surface after when she is done she stands there awkwardly. "Um...Oppa what do i do now?" She asks timidly not wanting to disturb him too much. Chanyeol looks up, thinking weather to send her to clean the other members room or spend more time with her. "Take a seat, lets get to know one another" he suggests to which she smiles widely taking a seat across from him "so...tell me about your childhood with YeonHee" he asks leaning against the desk on his hand. "Well...i was born in America, Los Angles. For 5 years i stayed and then Came to South Korea for 2 years where i met YeonHee. We become best friend and i had to leave...."she explains. "How did you meet YeonHee exactly" "well...she was sitting on the swings while i was finding my way around the school...and she was being picked on and i stood up for her...hahaha now that i think about it i was pretty badass back then" she says laughing. "Wow really? Thats cool!" Chanyeol says smiling warmly. "So? How was your childhood?" She asks changing the tables. "Well, i was born here and went to school here until i moved...oh, i dont know if you know but YeonHee and i were childhood friends aswell" he explains, ____'s eyes widen, she nods urging him to continue. "I met her when she was crying cuz these guys took her teddy beat, me being the hero i saved the day" he says chuckling followed by ___'s giggles. "Then why did you come back?" She asks curious. "I came to look for something my grandfather left me..." He admits to which she nods. "Hey, is that yours?" She asks changing the subject pointing at the guitar 'Mitilda' "yes" Chanyeol answers bitterly remembering how YeonHee gave the case and necklace back when she rejected him. _____ she smiles and walks over to the guitar and picks it up. "Can i play?" She asks for permission to which he nods. "She begins strumming softy to butterfly by BTS. Chanyeol just stared at her as she began singing softy, he slowly joins in. She looks up to him as they continue in beautiful melody. They get caught off by a sharp knock on the door. "Come in!" Chanyeol calls. Sehun walks in with a sour expression watching the two had been singing together, recovering he smiles at _____. "_____ do you wanna hang out with me?" He asks hoping for a yes. "Sure! Sounds good! Im done cleaning" she looks at Chanyeol who simply smiles, holding back his anger. "See you later! Byee" she says setting the guitar down gently and walking out with Sehun. Chanyeol stares at the closed door clenching his hands into fists. ___________________________________ Hope your enjoyed!! Next Chapter: Hanging out with Sehun! Tags: @tiffany1922 @morhilge1441
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