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Kpop male idols Who are listed to go do their 21 month military service @Msrayray95
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wow oh my gosh all of them I know aww I hope that they'll take care of themselves and be careful I'm still in shock I didn't think I was going too every single one of them well again I hope they stay safe *fighting guys love you*✊✊✊💋💕😁
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When my BB babies, especially TOP, and my 2PM hubby, Taecy goes in to the military I will cry
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Xiumin 💔💔 and Suho
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waaaaaaaa no :(
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Let me brace myself for when this starts. I though I could deal when Enyhunk and Donghae went, but nope, cried like a baby!!! I'm not ready for BigBang to start their military service😭😭😭😭😭
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