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1.) It's your first day of school and you walk into class and see this what would you do? And who would you sit by and why? Remember you can only choose one who will it be?!
2.) You hear knocking on your door one day you go and check to see who it is. You then check the small hole in your door and see this. What your reaction and what would you do or say when you first open the door?! If you're able to open the door?
3.) Your on your way home and your about to take the elevator you click the button, once it's open you spot all these handsome men. What would be your reaction to this and what would you do once your in the elevator?!
4.) One of these Bangtan Boy are knocking at your door ready to take you on a date! Which one will it be you choose and explain why you chose him?! What would you guys do on your date?! Ohh Yhea but remember you can only choose one?!
5.) Your about to get married who is waiting for you at the end? What would you be feeling at the time and what's you reaction when you see him there just waiting for you?! What's would be your wedding theme and what song will you two dance to once you're married?!
Have fun let you imagination fly drop you answers on the comments below and have fun with it come on don't be shy Army you can do it!! Let us begin the fun🎉
1.) *sweat nervously* I would sit by Rap Monster because he is really smart and will help me maybe lol 2.) I would rapidly try to look decent and invite them in...maybe watch scary movies? 3.) I would honestly thank the Lord and ask 'why me? ' at the same time and hopefully not be awkward 4.) I would go out with..... J-Hope IDK I think it'll be cute, go to a carnival, joke around lol 5.) Marry the BIAS J-Hope! 💋💋 I would be nervous! I would want a simple wedding, and I would love to dance to "As the world falls down"-by David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth
the hardest decision in my life are these questions😨
dont mess with my heart for #5 im sooo lost now 😓😓😓😓