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lol its hard to explain, but basically Koreans are already 1 when they are born and then they gain a year every new year i believe. So Kookie is 18 here, but 19 in Korea and then turned 20 at the beginning of the new year. @narutobandgeek
so they are a year ahead or is it 2 years ahead? @moonchild03
@narutobandgeek it depends on when you were born. they don't turn a year older on there actual birthday they turn a year older every new year. so if you we're born on Dec. 31 you are already 1 but when the new year comes you are 2. So some people are 2 years older and some are one year older. sorry it's a bit confusing.
@moonchild03 its ok thanks :)
sorry I'm bad at explaining it Lol @narutobandgeek but no problem :)