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Another still for "Be Great. Be Covert." He really does look silly there hahah! Be Covert, Be Great held a VIP premier yesterday and as a response to a reporter's question, Soo Hyun stated that he was not afraid to act as a dumb person. He believed that the funny acting will help viewers enjoy the show, and it's what gets people talking as well. He also shared that as he's actually an idiot in his heart, and that everyone has an idiot side to them. (Kudos to this, I'm an idiot sometimes too!) The movie will start screening on June 5th!
yup I have seen him in dream high and moon embraces the sun and he completely shines in the 2 shows watching him in the 2 shows made me love him <3
@oj1992 why is it that the more I read about him... the more I like him... :( @saharjalpari9 totally agree. Sometimes in life we need to act dumb ;) have you seen his other drama projects?
he is soo right we all have dat in our heart but we choose not to show dat side lol but sometimes I don't mind it feels good to see ppl laugh even if u have to act dum lol I do dat 2 but not everyone can do dat soo oppa I can totally relate ;-) oppa I can't wait ti c dat side of u I knw u will do great :-) and dats y I love u in acting u gotta try everything :-) u r great <3
Go Soo Hyun go ! Lov ya !