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You figure skate as a bunny, I mean we all have skellingtons in our closet but your closet is probably over flowing! Love it. Got to love fan art Btw RDJ is impresses by this but he just does not understand the meaning. I think someone just want to put a fluffy bunny tail on his ass lol. But that's me.
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@shannonl5 @LAVONYORK Steve can be wearing a cat costume and Tony can be wearing a bunny costume.
@shannonl5 I agree with @danidee, we will find a two for one deal with Loki sprinkles... Wait? Who stared Loki sprinkles?!
lol I blame @buddyesd
@LAVONYORK I too blame @buddyesd. Or maybe @InPlainSight.
Loki sprinkles on LAVONIcakes