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“To Outrun, Outgain, Outlast Others” by Lumina H. We try to outrun our neighbour, to feel superior. But God tells us to run side by side with them when they feel insecure and inferior. We try to outgain our equal, because to have anything less than them is unequal. But God tells us to lose your life for his sake, in order to gain a life that isn`t fake. We try to outlast our competitor, to become the abundant wealth`s inheritor. But God tells us to last the trials of devilish temptation, to become his righteous ambassador. To outrun, outgain and outlast others, we purse success blindly. But in the end, what truly matters, is how much we loved and cared for others kindly. Run with them, than to outrun them. Last the tempting trials, than to outlast them. Gain your true life, the way you were designed to live, than to outgain them. Run, Last, Gain without the “Out” In order to become God`s special flower that no one would ever doubt. Your beauty would shout to the world, and from you another budding flower would sprout.