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Hello everybody.
I'll be quite frank and will completely come out into the open and face the music.
Recently, I have been going to a doctor and we have more or less come to the conclusion that I was heading for a total crash. This *has* now been avoided and my mental health is stable and starting to stitch up and I feel great again. The problem is, the world outside my mind hasn't. As far as I can see, looking to what I'm going through and what I need to clear up, my path for..."greatness" or to the very least, a future...is falling apart. It feels literally like it's shattering and falling into pieces I'm desperately trying to hold together...
What I'm saying is that I need to redirect my focus elsewhere for a while. And this "while" might be a big one...
It's truly sad. My collection just started literally exploding into my face and I have been so so happy that I found and discovered this website/app, as it has also been a part of my recovery. But, I'm afraid that I need to klick on pause for a while, to such an extent that there might be a long time (like month or two) between each and every info-article I'll make for both my Why anime? and Quick Why anime?
This does not mean that I'm halting my actions on the Feel Good Fridays :)
It really is a day for feeling good, and I don't want to abandon my duties and privileges that I have recieved for creating and expanding on that specific one. And those are quite easy to make, tbh XD
And yes, if you were wondering...

My time for watching anime has also been halted

May it be due to this or for my burn-out I've had for a while, this is truly sad...

So, I'll leave behind me an extra long info-article on a very clichéd and perhaps overused topic

It'll be about...
Why we watch anime? Why we enjoy anime? Why we are dedicated to anime? Why we build communities of anime? And so on
And...as I am a man of simplicity...it'll be named:

Why anime?

And it should be out in around two weeks or so...
Message me or hit me with a reply if you want to be tagged for the Card that is still one of many others to come.
Believe me when I say this: You guys saved me. You guys helped me. You guys have shown me so much. And given me more than I could dream of...

And I will be back

Hopefully sooner rather than later

I'd like to thank @InVinsybll, for being there from the start. And my wife, @FlamingTelepath, the very reason why I started the Why anime?
This is me leaving a note for the future. I will be back
For now


Guys, I know I sounded kinda rough and that I am in a bad position (which I am), but...if you are afraid of the Why anime? info-articles not being uploaded...
Anyone can do it. Most probably, many many other can do a better job than me XD
Don't be afraid of thinking that (if you really want to make an Why anime? info-article) it might not be on par with mine (which are crap, btw). It's *your* take on that specific topic that makes a Why anime? a Why anime?
Go ahead and try it out. Anyone, and I truly mean anyone, can do it! The concept of Why anime? isn't fixed on a certain point. It's a free idea, one anyone can adopt. Just make sure to tag me, I'll still have the app on my phone and can always read it when I get the chance

It's just a matter of wanting to

aww, I only just met you like a couple months ago, and already your saying goodbye 😱 (for awhile anyway) well, I may not know much about you and your personal life, but I say, don't even worry about it. Your health always comes first, and me, and I'm quite sure all our nakamas out there, would rather wait patiently for you to return in a happier and healthier state. Stay strong, buddy 👍 you will be in my prayers. And whenever you are feeling stressed or down, just think about all of your nakamas as one big guild cheering for you, and then smile and think to yourself..Aye sir. 👆
its good to hear that your doing better, i hope everything works out kn your favor. just know that you wilm be missed greatly in your absence! we cant wait for you to be at full health...keep up the good work!! ❤❤
Keep your head held high NAKAMA!! Things happen in life and I'm sure I'm in positions where I need to push forward more as well meaning we all have stuff to worry about and work on and I'm sure you'll do an amazing job!! So I'll be looking forward to your return to everything again as well as back to watching anime when your ready and roaring to go!! NAKAMA 4 ever!! Keep me posted when things are back where you want em too NAKAMA!!
I'm happy to hear that things aren't so dire as they might have been. I'm sad to hear you halt, but health comes first, always. there will forever be a place for you here, nakama. : )
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