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Well I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought, why not start back again with a game. I'd like to tag @amobigbang for the game, even though they didn't tag me, but it was a fun idea and I'd liked to give them credit.
So my husband is Jin! At this point I'm not surprised cause every time I play this type of game it's usually him or Namjoon.....ha I always get Namjin.
I get to be a doctor how exciting. Why I married an idol I don't know, maybe it's cause he's beautiful and I know he'll take care of me, and to top it off he can sing....or you know we just connected on some spiritual level.
I found this super funny that this was the car that I got, and Jin was my husband, cause honestly the car suits him to a T. Maybe I'm spoiling him with all the money I make.
This is very ironic, but you know what? We can always upgrade! I'm allowed to do that right? I mean he's an idol and I'm a doctor we should have a pretty high income.
I've always wanted to go to Japan, so this was pretty perfect. I hope we got married in the winter-spring time cause that's when the cherry blossoms thrive the most.
What kind of kink though? Like do we role play as like Mario and Peach or something? Or is it something more.....? *wiggles eyebrows*
Good thing he acts like a mother cause we're gonna need a lot help to raise three kids. Though I figure if he can put up with six of them we'll be just fine.
I'm tagging only few people cause i don't know many vinglers as I'm still very new to this. @SharayahTodd @stevieq @twistedPuppy
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