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Hey guys sup this is kalyan and i posted a card last week of an anime you hate well this time its an anime everyone should watch let me know in the comments section below an anime that everyone should watch it dosent have to be a mainstream anime. don't forget to smash that like button!
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Fullmental Alchemist : Brotherhood Fruits basket (Manga only) Death Note Death Parade Angel Beats Attack On Titan Kamisama Hajimemashita (Jap and Eng) *if English then its Kamisama Kiss* Snow White with the Red Hair Romeo x Juliet Edited of what I left out: Ouran High School Host Club Fairy Tail Lucy Star Noragami But most of all: POKÉMON
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Fairy Tail
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Shokugeki no Soma, Free! Iwatori Swim Club, Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basket, ect
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Naruto and Naruto Shipuuden
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