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“Life Lessons from Voldemort`s Vice” by Lumina H. If only Voldemort had met a friend like Ron, He would`ve learnt that having a real friendship was better than being the wizarding world`s villain icon. If only Voldemort had befriended Hagrid, He would`ve gained a brotherly loyal buddy, and would`ve never opened the Chamber of Secrets that Hogwarts forbid. If only Voldemort forgave his muggle father, He might`ve had a relationship with him, and their intimacy could`ve developed further. If only Voldemort was happy with mortality, He would`ve never sold his soul to make Horcruxes, nor would`ve had to keep poor Nagini in captivity. If only Voldemort listened to Dumbledore that love was the most important thing, He might`ve had a normal fling with girls like regular guys, and never would`ve had time to taunt Marvolo`s ring. If only Voldemort actually thought of his Death Eaters as friends rather than as his slaves, Death Eaters would`ve been more loyal and brave, and Snape wouldn`t misbehave. If only Voldemort decided to become a Hogwarts teacher rather than the Dark Lord, Who knows how far his teaching career would`ve gone, he might`ve even taught abroad. If only Voldemort never killed Harry, Harry would have never been famous nor powerful, and wouldn`t have been as scary. If Voldemort chose not to possess the Elder Wand, He wouldn`t have fallen to Dumbledore`s trick plan, and never would`ve given the wand ownership to the Slytherin blond. If only Voldemort had shown his real character to Slughorn, Slughorn might`ve told him how having childhood grudges is worse than being Muggleborn. If only, if only, if only, Voldemort understood that even though you possess the world`s greatest power, You could still be overthrown by the weakest, at the most unexpected hour, He would never have gone that far, would still be alive, taking a hot shower. Voldemort never understood how much Snape cared for Lily nor how much he loved her, Because hatred blinded him and his judgement became a blur. He was bound to lose, because Lily`s love for Harry was so much stronger than his ambitions ever were.
Bad choices make good stories right?
Hence why we need villains in stories. I jst wrote this to be funny
Yes they do!!!