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Tomorrow begins the new month, and I think it would be supper cool if we can come together as a community and participate in a challenge. I know a lot of us struggle with being motivated. So, let's create a couple of goals for ourselves this month, write them down, and share them.
This will help us keep accountable and also help getting acquainted with discipline (rather than motivation).

So Here's The Challenge:

+ Set 1 or 2 realistic goals for yourself this month.
+ Write a card about it.
+ Tag some people who you'd like to help support and cheer you on (including me!)
+ Keep us updated weekly (or more if you like) about your progress, struggles, concerns, questions, stories.

Here's My Challenge To Myself:

I would like to make the goal of losing 6-8 pounds this month.
I will weigh myself on March 1st (tomorrow), and that will be the weight I am working from.
I am extending my vegetarian journey from March 24th to March 31st.
It may be longer than that. It may even be a forever thing. But I am taking baby steps. I am making reachable goals!
Love this idea! I'm all in! I just have to ponder on my two goals for a bit.
To anyone who's doing the challenge...make sure to write a card about your goal/s for the month of march!!! let's motivate each other guyzzzz :)
@LysetteMartinez my bad I ment to press on @alywoah comment
@alywoah Indeed we all should!!!!
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