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Here are the bias wreckers for BTS and EXO. Enjoy and let me know who are your bias wreckers
My bias is Suga but Jimin is my wrecker especially that last pic lol
I hope you guys enjoyed the last three of V cuz I know I fangirled really hard when I first saw this
My bias is Kai but they are all bias wreckers (you will see why)
Ugh EXO kills me!!
Ugh Xiumin can u like not.... Your killing me your not suppose to do things like that (last one)
BE WARNED OF LAY IN THIS ONE!! (the last 3 lol)
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Hey, just pointing out, could you fix my tag please? I dont want it to accidentally redirect to another account if that username is used
2 years ago·Reply
@Elaynethtrumpet oh ok sorry I just fixed it
2 years ago·Reply
Lay... OMG #LAYmedown
2 years ago·Reply
both r.... both r... Jimin.... Sehun....
2 years ago·Reply
EXO gets me too. Every time I think I have a bias, it changes.
2 years ago·Reply