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Operation: Skin On Fleek.

This weekend I was finally blessed with receiving my Clarisonic Mia 2 that I ordered almost two months ago. After a long day of wearing makeup and a pimple that just wouldn't give me a break, it was quite exciting to dive right in with a product I had heard nothing but positive reviews on. I used both my Mario Badescu facial cleanser along with the cleanser that came with my Clarisonic and my face had never felt better.
The great thing about this product is that it times each section of your face. Often times we focus on one section of our face more than the next, but the Clarisonic has a self timer that makes sure you pay attention to each and every area of your face. The moment the timer went off and I rinsed my face with cold water to close my pores, I immediately felt refreshed and my face never felt cleaner.
I touched my skin to see if the reviews added up and just like everyone mentioned, my skin was as soft as a babies bottom. I followed up with a little bit of witch hazel and vitamin E oil before calling it a night. I woke up the next morning following the same routine, but this time I skipped the Mario Badescu cleaner [I only use this sparingly when I have a breakout]. Instead of my nighttime treatment of vitamin E oil, I moisturized using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
I am absolutely in love with my Clarisonic and although it's only been three days, I cannot wait to see what positive changes my skin goes through. I will be doing up a follow up in about another week to share my progress. The goal is to see a drastic change in 30 days, so wish me the best on this journey and run out and grab a Clarisonic.
You can thank me later!

Would you invest in a Clarisonic?

Definitely a purchase worth making for both men and women.
I have one, to be honest, not much difference if you regularly exfoliate. A warning though, for sensitive skin don't use it too often, it might cause breakout.
oh no! I was hoping to see a drastic change lol and my skin is definitely sensitive. I will have to slow down on how often I use it. thanks for the tips @Animaniafreak