This creator put the two audios together so you hear one artist in one ear and one in the other. It turned out so beautiful! Give it a listen.
I agree with both of you. I am not a JB fan by any means so I may be biased here, but I think Kookie's version has more feeling in it. His voice is more emotive and I like the color of Kookie's voice better. He has more control over his vocal chords and his breathing so it produces a better product and he has an airy quality to his voice that lends to being more emotive.
I was hoping they would make one of these I watch videos like this but exo mvs one side will be Chinese and the other would be Korean (no offense to Justin Bieber fans) but jks has more feeling just saying my opinion
@TheEnlightment The videos blow my mind IDK how but it does and I like jbs new songs to don't get me wrong but just JK kills this song
this is so beautiful. 馃槞馃槞馃槞.my ears fell in love .since I'm jk and jb fan.馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
@UnicornSuga I actually have to agree with you. although I am a fan of jb's more recent music (just his music, he's a little turd) I have to give it to Kookie for slaying this song. however I really liked the harmony made from this idea. I didnt know they did things like this for exo :o