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Going to the movie theater was the most fun to get out of when I was a kid. Sitting in a dark, crowded with people, some of them to get a positive reaction on how they felt when watching, other times, they're just there whispering as the action goes on. Watching movies was an escape and was an impact on how it was made. When I was a kid, the announcement for The Oscars on ABC was a reminder of who's going to win, which one had the highest achievement in filmmaking and performances that transpired the acting jobs, and storytellers, and give inspiration for people to get involved.
Now that I'm old, I stopped watching The Oscars, because it has lost the true meaning of respect.
You can argue which movie was the best and was more "American" or "Prideful" or "white" if you're one of those who still think racism is a myth, but actually the real problem comes lobbying, a PR movement where aggressive promotion are made for movies most Hollywood consultants and producers find favorable while demoting other movies that are fierce and more important from what the public enjoys, even a small minority. This also explains why most winners are predictable and avidly open on who's part of the project.
This is regarded as being stunningly preposterous. It's embarrassing. More like polarized embarrassing because it's picking the ones that have a history of success with a strong feedback without the necessity of explaining why the project is important or helping actors who have little to no experience and guiding them to advance their career. It's like the Youtube world where if you have enough subscribers, depending on your form of entertainment, you are guaranteed to reach the top of the peak. If not, you don't matter. But the question is, why do you want to reach the top of the peak? Is there a valid reason instead of just saying "Everybody's doing it, and this will help me too"?
Movies are not just entertaining, it's about expression and communicating an idea, theme, and common goal and if you watch carefully, you'll understand where the film crew is coming from. It's not saying, look at me, I'm the best and I should win.
Everyone, regardless of race or sexual orientation, has a voice, and shouldn't be snubbed because something else is better or is based on business tradition.
So, instead of having another round of Oscar orgasms, why not just have a round of acceptance and common decency for those who ignited their dedication.
Exactly! @TessStevens if it's going to be like this, then why the fuck bother with an award show anyway?
@TessStevens Buzzfeed and other parts of social media, who reverse the actual accounts to a story into something entirely different sickens me. It's the neediness, indeed.
Also the attention to things going "viral" is super odd too, like people do things on purpose because they know they're going to be made into a gif on buzzfeed. Sickens me hahaha
I think this is a really good point. Nobody should be intentionally snubbed based on their race or orientation. Plus, right now hollywood is stuck between these two ideations: extreme PC and IDGAF, it's interesting to see how old institutions handle new problems, but im with you here! Great piece