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Hello and welcome to one of my few cards on vingle. This is for a friend of mine on a different app, so I'm hoping y'all can help me out. For those of you who end up interested based on this posted she is: euphoriaprism on the K-pop Amino app.
So what's this all about? Euphoria is currently selling another round of K-pop albums to fans for cheaper prices than if you were to get them online. In this case, this set - The A side single album set from DBSK/TVXQ when they were still a group of five - is being sold for $33 instead of over $100 for the boxed set or $800 for each individually. This set comes with the cds listed above in the picture, totalling 45 songs. I'm not selling these for her nor am I trying to technically sell these on here. We're simply trying to reach fans of this group who may not have an original copy of this set or an incomplete set of the singles. So to sum up, if you or someone you know loves this group as much as euphoria, please consider talking to her. She's very reasonable with pricing and even changing her prices, and just really wants her extra copy to go to someone who will love it as much as she loves her first one. She's also selling other albums and posters so feel free to message me or her about them. I've ordered from her three (or four, I've lost track) and I've been more than happy every time I got cds and posters from her. This is why I'm doing this. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day
@LysetteMartinez Albums AOA- SHORT Hair IU- Modern Times G-dragon- Heartbreaker (first edition/out of print ) *rare* T-ara- Funky Town Ukiss- Doradora Infinite- Destiny SNSD - The Boys (Mr.Taxi ver) Psy- Gangnam Style (sealed) CNBLUE - First Step Henry- Trap iu last fantasy 4minute 4 minutes left 4minute hit your heart Gain talk about s Kara lupin 2pm 1.59 pm brown eyes girls sixth sense T-ara breaking heart T-ara temptastic T-ara black eyes SNSD hoot Girl's day expectation Sistar so cool Troublemaker troublemaker Hyosung goodnight kiss Rainbow rainbow syndrome pt2 Dbsk- 4th storybook *rare* A Class- Miss A *rare* Miss A- Independent Women Pt. III Miss A- Bad But Good Miss A - Touch SNSD- The Boys Run Devil Run- Girls Generation T-ara - Black Eyes BIGBANG- Alive (TOP ver) first press *rare*metal cover Super Junior- Super Junior 05 Super Junior- Sorry Sorry (ver B) Shinee- Misconception of Us Shinee- Lucifer Shinee -Romeo Shinee- Replay Shinee-Amigo Super Junior M- Me Super Junior Happy-Cooking Cooking f(x) - Hot Summer SMTOWN- Winter 2006 Posters SNSD -The Boys- Taeyeon SNSD -The Boys- Group Dream High Drama SNSD- Mr. TAXI CNBLUE -First Step- Group IU- Last Fantasy 2 SNSD- Run Devil Run- Tiffany IU-Real Miss A- A Class Wonder Girls-Wonder World Miss A -Touch Merch: BIGBANG Lightstick
Like what other albums and posters?