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Thank you @Helixx for another awesome scavenger hunt!! Seriously, I have way to much fun with these hunts, even when they drive me crazy.
1. G-Dragon Fan Art
2. Video of Big Bang members reacting to another idol group's performance at an award show
3. Gifs or video of each member of Big Bang doing body rolls
4. Video of Taeyang performing any of his solo songs live
5. JRE reaction video relating to Big Bang. Can be of a Big Bang, solo, or sub-unit music video. Tell me why you chose that particular reaction video. I'll start off by saying I love all of his videos, this kid cracks me up. I chose this video in particular because his reaction was very close to my initial reaction.
6. 10 of the funniest Big Bang memes you can find. I based this off of what I find funny.
7. The sexiest picture of each member & the sexiest picture of all 5 members together.
8. Clip of Daesung speaking Japanese
9. Pics or gifs of Big Bang members with other Kpop idols (non-YG artists only).
10. Pictures of merchandise with Seungri's name or likeness on them.
11. Big Bang dance practice video (must have all 5 members in the video).
12. Four gifs of TOP that show his dimples & one gif of TOP that does not show his dimples.


13. Irish Whiskey & Honey Remedy (a.k.a Hot Toddie) I'm strongly Irish on my mother's side so I grew up with this. I use this for a variety of things: Sleep, sore throat, cough. Ingredients: 1 & 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey (your choice of whiskey) 6 ounces extremely hot brewed tea 1 Tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 cinnamon stick Directions: Prepare tea (your choice of tea) Add the whiskey, honey, & lemon juice to tea Stir thoroughly, add the cinnamon stick (let sit for about 2 minutes) Stir again & drink
14. Fav music video from another Kpop idol group you love. Make sure to explain why you love this particular song/video/group. Shinhwa - Perfect Man Realistically I could have chosen any song from them & said it's my favorite. They are one of the roots in my ever growing Kpop tree, there isn't anything about them that I don't love. BIGBANG Community Moderation Team: @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

Even though he is the oldest member, TOP can be cute and immature. Lol. 😂
Great job! Sorry for the delay in getting to this.
I know
I know
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