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Sweet Saturday & Classic Sunday!

I'm back with another Musical Week special!! Today I will give you a sweet and a classic video!!
Last Thirsty Thursday I mentioned this band, and I mentioned they were associated with Teen Top and Up10tion but I didn't say how. 100% is Teen Top's younger brother group, and is Up10tion's older brother group. Well since Summer is approaching rapidly and I needed a sweet music video, here is 100% with U Beauty!! *two of the members are missing in this mv. One due to a personal hiatus, and the other due to military enlistment*
Now for Classic Sunday, how many of you know of Soyu from Sistar?? Or Junggigo? Well I stumbled upon this video recently, and I loved it!!! It is Some by Soyu and Junggigo! It features Baron of B1A4 () and Dasom of Sistar! Now normally I don't like slow rhythm songs, but this one caught my attention!
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