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A random piece I wrote a few nights ago, but couldn't find an ending & I have yet to find an ending so I will just leave it as be. Enjoy. 'I wrote poems about you you'll never know about pages filled with words you would have to ask Webster to define, but not even he knows the definition of 'mine' maybe I created the silly idea in my mind that, well, you get it my feelings grew like shrubs around an old fence intertwined with feelings of happiness and confusion I forgot to question whether this was an illusion you say I'm delusional I say you're the same broken hearts slow to heal who's really to blame a shame we fall for words & forget all about the actions only getting a fraction you were the numerator to my denominator reducing me to my lowest form...' - J. Hamilton
love should always win
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I agree. Always! @seika469
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This is lovely :)
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Thank you so much :) @Gladness
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