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Kyoto Animation, main character, perverted and intelligent, 2 seasons 26 episodes each, romance, mystery Name: alice no ai ro I couldn't come up with a good name Comment below(≧∇≦)
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Kyoto Animation, Main Character, noisy and cheerful, 1 season 2y eps, action and supernatural. Name: Chronicles of a Shut-In Mage!
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Unfotable. Supporting character, noisy & cheerful. 3 film trilogy, action & tragedy. Name: The Lost Mage.
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Ufotable, Rival Character, Cute Senpai, 1 season 13 episodes, seinen and tragedy, Name: Brave Illusion.
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@KyleBerke sounds like a good idea.
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Production LG Supporting character Funny and curious 2 seasons 26 eps Psychological magical girl Name: Princess Dreamscape
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