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cuddling with Kwon Ji-yong

you and gdragon were dating and since he was busy all this week you asked him for a favor it was Saturday morning and you texted him saying babe can you come over today and stay the whole night with me please you got up and ate cereal you walk to the living and sat down on the couch and sat your cereal on the table you heard a ding you walked towards your room and saw a text from g-dragon it said of course what time should I come over it said you replied quickly you said right now you please you ate all of you cereal. then g-dragon said on my way with emojis you got ready and put on a skirt that was white and a pink blouse and pink flats and a bit of makeup on you heard a ding dong you ran down stairs and gd gave you a tight hug and he said I missed you so much bby girl you just smirked in his shoulder he stop the hug and hold your hand then he put his hands on your waist and backed hug you while his hands were on your waist he sat you down on his lap then you got up and put on somthing comfortable on a pair of swear pants and a white t-shirt what movie should we watch any he said let's watch the slited mouth women you got so scared of that moive he put it on and you guys cuddle his chin was on your shoulder and his hand wrapped your stomach as soon as the part of the little boys missing u jumped up he said it's okay as long as your with me your always safe you got up and made popcorn and he got up and backed hug you you got scared since you were waiting for the popcorn he faced you front of him he pecked your lips and said bby girl I missed you I'm glad you're here with me babe you said beep the microwave went then you toke it out gd said bby girl I'll take care of that for you then he sat it down and then you guys want to back to cuddling he said bby girl you yes I love you he said and you turn to see him smiling at you he kissed you for two minutes I love you too babe the moive ended and you finished all the popcorn. he got up with you and touched your waist you led him upstairs . he sat you down on his stomach you guys were playing with each other tickling each other he put you down beside him and he made you face him after 5 min you pretend to sleep he was still up and he said goodnight bby girl I love you with all my heart and kissed your forehead and put his chin on your shoulder hugging you you felt asleep
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