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. Father and Daughter ♡
Awww cute
There is no way Boruto and young Naruto would be friends until young Naruto smacks some sense into him and Boruto redeems himself
@DestinyGregory omg watch the movie and you'll see he is a annoying brat that wants everything his way and doesn't understand or even want to understand what Naruto's been through. I mean he even said: "being Hokage is weak" and he is always dissing Naruto. Boruto can learn something from Sarada, Saskue is barley in her life because he is on a mission where he has to be away for years but she still loves her dad, but Boruto sees his dad everyday at home and during the day Naruto sends one of his clones to play with Boruto when he has hokage duties and Boruto hates him.
no I haven't watch boruto the movie @desireesowah143 but I know boruto is not annoying and he's a sweet son and wants his dad's attention and thats why he asked sasuke to be his teacher
what how could you hate any of the naruto characters kids I don't hate any and I love how sarada is just like her mother and father
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