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I decided I wanted to go far away from home [Manchester, UK] for my honeymoon. My wife isn't much of a traveller so left me with the decision to pick a place. I picked Malaysia. Being an avid traveller I personally wrote up our whole itinerary. And I think I did a good job. We visited some amazing places in the capital Kuala Lumpur where we stayed 4 nights.
After 4 days in KL, we made our way over to the heavenly island Langkawi via a 1 hour flight. The scenery was ridiculously amazing.
it looks great, you should also visit indonesia
Your trip looks amazing!! My aunt is Malaysian and always tells me I need to go with her to KL! The closest I've been is Singapore (okay, so i've been REALLY CLOSE) but I still havent made it all the way there yet. If you loved KL I'd definitely suggest Singapore - its one of my favorite cities!