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hey guys im new to this, the pictures above are my favorite animes. i plan on making a collection of future prediction cards, you know thing that could happen at the end of some animes/mangas
TO START WHY DONT WE DISCUSS WHAT THE ONE PIECE MAY ACTUALLY BE: -is it a treasure? -is it a weapon? -a power enhancement? -what does it look like? -what can it do? ILL BE WAIT FOR YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION HAVE A NICE DAY !!
that's not bad it's only hole is the fact the shanks had it prior which could have deemed him king. also it was just explained that the road poneglyphs there are 4 and they all point to an island that needs to be found in order for you to be king
i did some diging and some people actually believe it is luffys Strawhat, but i think it is a power enhancer, or how else will he b considered a king.
My theory is the One Piece isn't anything more than the adventure, exploration and complete understanding of the worlds. what more could you possibly want or need as a pirate, epically coming from Luffys posistion and characteristics of his personality.