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Dandelions are not as common as you might think. They only grow in the northern hemisphere and mother earth has a good reason to make them so abundant here. With so many of us devouring animal meats and products, or livers are poor through a lot processing these fats and proteins leaving us feeling sluggish and depressed. It is our friend the dandelion that comes to our rescue as it cleanses the liver and improved its tonicity. Furthermore, when the liver is overworking it produces a lot of heat and since great rises, the lungs and heart can and do become overheated as a result. One can therefore say that dandelion cures more than just a stagnant, toxic liver; it also cures the heart and lungs which produce phlegm and an active restless mind. You can eat dandelion leaves in a salad but it’s roots are the most medicinal. The roots are made into a tea and then eaten and drank on a regular basis. The flavour is slightly bitter but ever so healthfully abundant in benefits.