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BTS' Experiment Collection
I woke up with a warm feeling on my left hand sometime during the night. I looked over to see where the feeling was coming from, being careful not to move my hand in case it left if I did. I turned my table lamp on and saw a sleeping Hoseok holding my hand while sitting on his desk chair. He must have had a logical reason to be holding my hand, not that I'm complaining or anything.
"Hoseok..." I used my other hand to gently shake him awake. He sleepily opened his eyes and looked at me. He sat up and looked around in confusion. He looked at our interlocked hands and jumped backwards, almost falling off his chair.
"Oh my... Y/N..." Hoseok stood up and took a step back from my bed. "I'm so sorry... I-I u-um... that was a-a little uncalled f-for... wasn't it... I'm s-s-so s-sorry. I'm just...uh. Yeah, I'm so sorry about that." He sat on his bed and was probably waiting for me to say something.
"Hoseok, it's okay. I'm not mad at you or anything." I sat upright with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed to face him. "I'm not complaining or anything, so it's okay. Is there something troubling you?" He looked down at his hands and sighed.
"I...I had this dream... it was about you and me... and someone came along... and... hurt you... a lot." He grabbed his pillow and hugged it tightly. "I thought that I couldn't do anything against the person, and you got hurt." His voice was a little muffled from him shoving his face in his pillow. I could hear sniffs here and there as he continued to talk.
"I-I'm afraid that that will happen in real life, that I won't be able to do anything to prevent you from getting hurt.
"Hobi~" I walked over to his bed and sat beside him. "We both know that that won't happen any time soon." I stroked his head to calm him down. "I'm here now, so be happy. We're both here." He brought his face out from his pillow and looked at me with a little smile.
"Thanks y/n. Let's both be happy now." He sighed then sat back on his bed. "Actually, we should probably get back to sleep. Go on now." I stood up then laid back in my bed then turned the lamp off.
"Wake up~ Wake up, wake up~ wa~ke up~!" Someone sang nearby. I sat up to see who was making the noise. Both Hoseok and Taehyung were dancing in the center of the room. "Y/N!" Hoseok ran over to my bed when he saw me awake. "Let's go eat breakfast now!" Taehyung had already left the room, but we could still hear him scream/singing the wake up song down the hall.
I sat down beside Jimin and watched Taehyung run around until both Yoongi and Namjoon were up and out of their rooms. Breakfast had no special points. Just us eating cereal and Hoseok and Taehyung acting like they were on caffeine. Jin spilled the juice and Jungkook had to clean it up. Other than that, nothing special. We finished up and left the dining area to get ready. I did my work day morning routine like usual and waited with a few others for everyone else got ready. Then we left for the famed Big Hit building.
The moment we walked into the front entrance, the boys were greeted warmly by everyone. But, at the same time the staff almost threw me out for following them in. Luckily, the PD-nim walked in and stopped them. The boys left to practice for an upcoming concert while I followed PD-nim to do paperwork. It took almost 3 hours to finish the paperwork but luckily, it didn't kill me. BTS' manager met me in a conference room followed by a man in quite fashionable clothes.
"Y/N! Great to see you again, though, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other quite often now." The manager said then stepped to the side so that the other man could be seen.
"This is Yoo SooHei, the coordinator of BTS, kinda. He'll do a better introduction of himself."
"Hello there y/n, as he just said, I am Yoo SooHei." He bowed to me slightly. "I look over all of BTS' work that they make to make sure it is ready for release. I make sure that everything is in order from their concerts and schedules to their concert wardrobe and hair." He looked at me up and down then continued talking. "You won't be doing much of that, but your job here will be to check over their personal work to make sure that they didn't make any unwanted mistakes. Follow me."
Up the elevator, down a hall, past a desk for authorization, then a few more halls. He stopped in front of a cloudy glass door and opened the door. I peered inside to see what was inside. Just a bland desk with a computer on top, a notebook, and a chair were in there. I looked at SooHei with a questioning look. He nodded as if he knew what I was thinking. Is this mine? I sat in the chair and spun around a time or two... or five.
"This," SooHei pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to me. "is a list of office numbers you'll need. The BTS members and their studios, manager, PD-nim, a few other workers that do similar things to yours..." I looked at the list of names, office numbers, and other numbers, probably phone numbers.
"What's this one? There's no office number beside it." I showed him the list.
"I didn't write this, but I'm assuming that a certain person did. He..." SooHei sighed. "He likes to order food a lot. This is his favorite place to order from. I don't know why he'd put that on there, but, he's an idiot." I nodded and set the paper on the desk and looked at the computer for no apparent reason.
"Anyways, Miss y/l/n..." SooHei walked over to me slowly. "Do you have a boyfriend by chance?"
Another chapter!!! Yay! I got to it today since it was a very nice day out today and I felt energized. But now the sun is starting to set and it's not as nice with my window open. So, I might finish up the chapter this week then take a week or so-ish off. On Wattpad, >here< is where I write and publish the stories at first. They may be there for like a week before I post them here, so there's that. Anyways, suggestions for the story are always welcome since I just randomly think of things. I'll use them of course, maybe not immediately, but I will. Feedback is great too, it makes me feel good seeing them after school. If you have any questions about the story or anything, feel free to ask. Okay, boing~
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