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This week's challenge from the Bulletproof Team: Make a card about your top 5 K-pop papa's! They're the stern ones, who make sure things get done and they dish out the tough love. Maybe they even fix stuff that others break in the dorms. They're the total dad's of the group! These are my top five kpop daddies. @Bulletproofv @VeronicaArtino @lovetopia @JamiMilsap @BelencitaGarcia @JustinaNguyen @terenailyn @Helixx @thepinkprincess @lilbrowneyes @KwonofAKind @ARMYStarlight @MichelleIbarra
#5 Shownu Of Monsta-X
#4 N from VIXX
#3 Doojoon from Beast
#2 Rap Monster from BTS
#1 G-Dragon from Big Bang
Good Daddies!! ♡:-)
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I will say I love this card but N is the mother of Vixx and Leo the dad but hey they can switch roles. lol love this. I like your choices
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@VeronicaArtino thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure at first, but decided to go with it. 😀
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