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Marvel Universe! Most of my fave supes are here. I have so many that I love!!
I have mad love for DC too. My faves are Batman Aquaman and so many others..
So can a person love both? Yes they can. And as Matt Heafy from Trivium says in his song Cease All Your Fire. " Brothers at arms due to birthright. Raised in the dark with no foresight. A hate passed down for years".. I think we should not hate either of them!
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love that quote! ☺
@MelissaGarza Its an sardin awesome song. Even tho they are heavy metal its one of their slower songs. Very deep.
I love this! I'm glad there's so many Aquaman fans out here haha I was worried I'd have to be excited about seeing him on film all on my own
@shannonl5 Oh I can't freaking wait for his movie!! And I really think Jason Momoa is going to do awesome!!
@LadyLuna definitely! He's so talented I think he's perfect for the role