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Hello Pokefans. October is here to ask a favor of you all. I need assistance building a competitive Pokemon team. October plays a lot buy is relatively noob to competitions. I've tried multiple websites with community inputs but often times, the threads die before any actual help gets received. Some of the things to keep in mind: October prefers not to go higher than UU tier based on Smogon lists. October will indicate the Pokemon, movesets, natures, and rolls planned for the team so far. Always open to suggestions but I will stipulate if a certain Pokemon must be on the team (usually due to just downright favoritism). So below are the Pokemon I have so far. Please help any way you can!
Umbreon :::: Nycto Careful Nature Synchronize w/ Leftovers EV trained for Special Def, HP, Def Foul Play Wish Heal Bell Toxic Umbreon is a must for the team. It's Careful natured instead of calm but I'm not too concerned with confusion damage to begin with, do it ultimately makes no difference. I prefer Toxic over Baton Pass so Umbreon can provide defensive and stall pressure. Plus I know Umbreon can only learn Baton Pass as an Eevee and it evolved before Eevee learned the move so I don't think I can teach it to this one anyway.
Bronzong :::: TollsForThee Sassy Nature Levitate w/ Leftovers EV trained for Special Def, HP, Def Stealth Rocks Earthquake Gyro Ball Iron Head/Trick Room Bronzong is also a Pokemon I really want on the team. It's mainly a slow defensive hazard setter, however, I noticed my team could be an effective Trick Room team and the Pokemon options below reflect that. If I do not run a Trick Room team, Iron Head is swapped in to be able to damage slower Pokemon that resist Earthquake better. I could also include either Light Screen or Reflect for team defenses or Explosion for once Bronzong has done its job. If I do run a Trick Room set up, I suppose I would need a Brave Natured Bell instead of Sassy.
Tentacruel :::: Jellythulu Bold Nature Liquid Ooze w/ Black Sludge EV trained for HP, Def, Special Atk/Speed Scald Sludge Bomb/Sludge Wave Rapid Spin Hex Tentacruel provides an excellent defensive core when paired with Umbreon. As such, it is preferred. However, it's speed makes Trick Room tricky, so October is open to ideas for a replacement. Putting extra EV in Special Attack helps a little but the higher speed also means Tentacruel can help should Trick Room not be up. Hex is one of my favorite attacks and since Ghost types will come in to try and block Tentacruel from spinning, this will punish them for trying. Plus with all the status effects my team throws around, Hex gets a nice damage boost. I know people love Toxic Spikes but it seems highly inconsistent to get the two stacks of it up. Plus since Toxic Spikes is easily dealt with makes those turns wasted. It does boost Hex but so does the burn from Scald which is usually a lot better to try for. I could replace Sludge Bomb with Toxic Spikes to stack with Stealth Rocks, or replace it with Knock Off, but only if I utilize one of the other Pokemon options below since I need the poison damage for fairies.
Crobat :::: Chiropto Jolly Nature Infiltrator w/ Black Sludge or Nothing EV trained for HP, Speed, Def Brave Bird/Acrobatics U-Turn Roost Defog/Cross Poison Crobat would provide a way to still be effective if Trick Room is not in effect. I'm told it's bad to use both Crobat and Tentacruel on the same team since their jobs are similar. However if I were to use both, Cross Poison would allow Tentacruel to replace it's Sludge Bomb or Defog would mean Tentacruel wouldn't need Rapid Spin; although Defog clears everything on both sides so I believe it to be less valuable. Brave Bird would be used if Crobat uses Black Sludge but without holding an item, Acrobatics does comparable damage without recoil. If Trick Room is in effect, Crobat would be an effevtive slow U-Turner provided it could take a hit first.
Dragalge :::: No nickname decided on yet Modest Nature Adaptability w/ Choice Specs or Dragon Fang EV trained for Special Atk, HP, Speed Draco Meteor Sludge Wave Focus Blast Dragon Pulse/Toxic Spikes This is the answer to fairy types. Adaptability Sludge Waves will ruin their days and under the effect of Trick Room, Dragalge gets speed advantage. The Dragon's Tooth will only be used if Toxic Spikes is deemed the way to go since Draco Meteor will still be terrifying; at the cost of a less powerful Sludge Wave. I wouldn't have too much concern using Dragalge on the same team as Tentacruel as they have different jobs despite have some similar type coverages. Plus, Dragalge means Tentacruel wouldn't need to bring Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave and could then run an alternative move.
Gourgeist XL :::: No nickname decided on yet Impish Nature Frisk w/ Leftovers EV trained for HP, Def, Atk Seed Bomb Leech Seed Synthesis Will-o-Wisp C'mon, it's a pumpkin ghost and my name is October...how could I not want to use this thing. Oh how I wish Gourgeist could use Flame Charge well because the image of they pumpkin lighting issued ablaze and running at you is awesome. Gourgeist would be a bulky physical wall. It's movesets is all about chip damage and health gains. Although, if used with Umbreon, Bronzong, and Tentacruel I fear that's too much of a defensive front with only slight offensive presence; even factoring a more offensively trained Bronzong if using Trick Room. Plus that would be three Pokemon holding Leftovers. Gourgeist would fit in perfectly on the Trick Room team and even can use it along with Bronzong to have two setters for it. However, I'm not sure which move could be replaced since Leech Seed and Synthesis are basically required. The Will-o-Wisp burn is great for Gourgeist and without Seed Bomb, ID lose my grass damage plus Gourgeist becomes Taunt trapped.
Noivern :::: Lygiro Timid Nature Infiltrator w/ Choice Specs or Life Orb EV trained for Special Atk, Speed, Special Def Draco Meteor Hurricane U-Turn Air Slash/Flamethrower/Roost/Taunt Noivern would be exactly what Crobat is. An offensive power that is useful when Trick Room is down and a slow U-Turner when it's active. Noivern would not be used if Dragalge is obviously. Roost would be used if holding a Life Orb, otherwise I'd want to go Choice Specs and damage as Taunt is the easily dealt with. On to Megas! These give me the absolute most trouble to pick for some reason but here are the options I've looked at!
Mega Bannette :::: No nickname decided on yet Adamant Natured Frisk -> Prankster w/ Bannettite Gunk Shot Shadow Sneak/Phantom Force Will-o-Wisp/Disable/Substitute/Curse Trick Room/Pain Split/Destiny Bond Please, someone,.make this work and you will be a hero. I love Bannette. Its design, it's lore, and the fact that it can use Gunk Shot (my favorite move in the game) incredibly well. This is the Pokemon Trick Room is made for. Shadow Sneak is for priority damage and Phantom Force is to turn Bannette invulnerable for a turn. Both are use to Mega Evolve, and doesn't hinge on being attacked like Sucker Punch would. Shadow Claw would hit harder but Mega Evolving becomes a lot trickier with it. The last two moves are a mixed bag. Bannette can set up its own Trick Room (although even with Prankster Trick Room doesn't go first), but, like Gourgeist, I'm unsure as to if it'd worth having Trick Room over other options on Bannette. Priority Pain Split work really well in conjunction with Substitute or the chip damage of Curse, but without those two options I suspect it would be ineffective. Will-o-Wisp and Disable are nasty with priority. I hate Destiny Bond because it's just so gimmicky and you are hoping to lose a Pokemon but it does halt many sweepers. Bannette technically could work outside of Trick Room, but I'd assume it'd be a lot less effective doing so.
Mega Absol :::: Omen Jolly Nature Any ability -> Magic Bounce w/ Absolite EV trained for Atk, Speed, Special Def Sucker Punch Knock Off Play Rough Ice Beam/Pursuit/Swords Dance Absol and Umbreon have been the Darkness Brothers with one being a total tank with minor offensive presence and the other being a pure glass cannon. I can only hope that Mega Absol gets changed to being a dual Dark/Fairy type in the future otherwise it just takes a beating. Absol would be an anti-lead making its base ability irrelevant. Sucker Punch is just to Mega Evolve. Trick Room could help an non-mega Absol out speed opponents naturally if it were to be brought in later (here I guess Justified would be a good ability but still I doubt it actually matters). Knock Off would be decent power and to cripple some walls. Play Rough is just Rae damage against some common threats. The last slot can vary. Ice Beam would be useful against many common types and some shared weaknesses on my team and Absol can use it effectively even uninvested. Pursuit is an option but relies on forcing switches and Absol can only do that if the opponent fears Knock Off and even then it's a gamble. Swords Dance makes Absol a set-up Sweeper and nearly unstoppable but Absol is so frail that setting up can be impossible.
Other Pokemon I've looked at but haven't really tried are Mega Sceptile and Shaymin. They'd both be used as a special attacker but I can't provide EV numbers having not used them before. I also looked as Mega Abomasnow since under Trick Room it'd be fast and it has a priority move when not. But despite that as well as having the bulky stats I seem to favor, all the type weaknesses look like they'd negate those stats and it turns me off the snowman. Let me know if I'm wrong about that and if this Pokemon deserves another look. Finally, please do not recommend any Pokemon that is above UU tier as well as Hydreigon or Salamance as I find them to be way over used and just see too many of them to want to use them. Thanks in advanced!
You should try a team of Umbreon, Bronzong, Tentacruel, Dragalge, Gourgeist, and mega Bannette.
If you are making crobat offensive, the ev spread should be max speed and max attack.
For crobat, I think a choice band would be make it much more threatening. It's only "bad" with Tentacruel if they are doing the same thing, so make crobat an offensive sweeper. You already have a spinner, so you could drop defog for for cross poison. With choice band, you should swap roost for something like super fang, which can hit pokes that normally wall crobat.
So working with Bannette the Gunk Shot is powerful and Phantom Force is a perfect move for a mega set. Trick Room works if I dedicated the team to it but I was thinking. What if Trick Room was used solely to get Bannette to Mega Evolve? I could then replace Trick Room on Bannette set with Thunder Wave to keep the speed advantage and then Will-o-Wisp could be confuse ray. The only problem here is if the Pokemon resists paralysis.
@KyleBerke thank you for your help. I shall give it a shot
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