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WINNER "Sentimental" is an awesome song that just makes me want to dance. And the thing is that this dance is not crazy hard, its actually quite simple which is rarely said when talking about K-pop dances XD. Seriosly though, the song is catchy and very addicting. I could listen to this song for forever. Its so good! And even though Taehyun and Mino had my eye, Jinwoo just stole my attention during his part and mini solo..his voice really hit me and I feel attacked lol..Jinwoo needs to chill
Here's the live performance...Great as always and Taehyun needs to chill with that choker
What Do You Guys Think Of This Song??
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@DestinaByrd The dance in the chorus is so simple and I love it so much..I dance to it evertime I listen to it
@JohnEvans same!! it's not a hard dance
I wanna learn it too
@NykeaKing Its so addicting and simple..I just can't help it dance along with it
@JohnEvans guess it is and it's a cute dance