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I have been tagged so if u find this GREAT Bc I am to lazy to taggg
My husband JINNIE POOH 😍😍 I think I am getting the feels for himmmm
AYEEE WASSUP HE HAD TO GET HIS "thing" checked so I saw and I was like "hot damn that's a big one" and yea that's were it allll began
Mini convo while getting the car: Jin I understand that is pink BUT UR KIDS WILL MAKE FUNNY OF U AND EVERYONE AROUND US Jin: Whatever Kaeli -snaps his finger and does neck move- why don't u understand girl we can't repaint it later -smacks his gum- -under breathe- dad was right, once a princess always a princess..
I guess everyone who got this house live in a neighbor that LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME
Swag wassuppppppp -coughs- sorry I was born in the hood
Hehaheha... πŸ˜‰ I borrowed something's from TaeTae.... Jin was the kitty this time -OK PLEASE FORGIVE ME
They spend most their times with nana Bc mom and dad need time to "talk" WHY AM I LIKE THIS I AM SORRY SOOOO SORRY πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚