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↝in BTS way↜Reaction when you see your Exxxxx...Xx
Jhope : Shxx... why is my (ex) here!!
Damn ..I don't even want to see (my ex)
V : Hey...I think your (ex) is here Jin : I know... can you see I am trying not to show any facial expression!!!
Suga : Are you okay... Your (Ex) is here!!!! Jin: You are not helping.
Suga : You try to get back!!!
Is too late for that!
V : I deleted everything.
So don't try to talk to me!!!
JungKook : I will pretend I didn't see my (ex).
Yup... just ignore!!!!
Jimin : Hey you!! I love you!!!
Jimin : Oop... I was doing for the girl behind you... Hahahhha...
Rap Monster : Sorry.. .ma'am.. you are??? Oh!!
You are my (ex)..Hahahhha...I didn't remember... Hahahhha... Who will you be if it happen to you??? How will you react???
If I saw my ex, I would try to hide! lol
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Wait who is the ex?
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OMG I can see myself being all of them, but I'd probably be a mix of Kookie and jin 😂
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mix of kookie n suga tbh xD
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Lol I'm sooo jhope 😂
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