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Big Bang ↝We Ship↜
We ship!!!!
GD: Yes we do... me and my Panda Bae!!
TOP: Me and my Dae Bae!!
We all ship!!! What about Taeyang?????
Taeyang : Sigh.... I got my buddy here...high five..!!
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@KDSnKJH Hahahhha... he didn't kill himself... he was just laying there looking sexy... with shirts on...
a year ago·Reply
@lovetop Nah man He jumped off the roof!
a year ago·Reply
Taeyang: *singing* Girlllll, I need a Girl~~
a year ago·Reply
@KwonOfAKind Yes... why....BTS song... keep poping up... I need u girl... instead of TYs song I need a girl.!!!!!
a year ago·Reply
sad part is his dog really died (TAT)
a year ago·Reply