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*pulls out a tissue, dries eyes and blows nose* Oh my god........ still crying. Just give me a moment here.
Ok, now I'm ready.
Alright, for those of you that don't recognize this poster, it's for a drama called Remember.
Normally I don't watch suspenseful kind of dramas, but this one has caught my eye for awhile now, so I decided to watch it.
Anyways, the plot is about this guy who has this condition called Hyperthymesia I think, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. It's like photographic memory but times 10. So to prove the innocence of his father, he becomes a lawyer. He struggles to prove his father's innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s. 

At first I was kinda confused, but then when I watched further along, I started to get what the summary meant.
So now, it's time to meet the main characters.
First you have Seo Jin-Woo (Yoo Seung-Ho) who is the guy with the perfect memory. I really like his character in this drama, he's really into sticking to what he believes in even though everyone else around him is corrupted. Like you wouldn't believe some of the stuff on here, but then when you think about it, some of it does pertain to real life, especially when it involves the rich and high class people.
Then you have Lee In-Ah (Park Min-Young). In the beginning she doesn't seem like much, but as her character builds on, you can start to see a chemistry happening between her and Jin-Woo. It's sad that their relationship didn't turn out how I wanted it to be, especially with his condition.
This is Park Dong-Ho (Park Sung-Woong). This guy is the Attorney that defends Jin-Woo's father, whom has a record of never losing a case against anyone, but is forced to loose this one case because of certain circumstances. I didn't like that at all, especially all the twists and turns in the drama, but I gradually began to start liking him, because even though he was working for the wrong sort of people, he still stuck to his beliefs and remained on the "right" side till the end.
Now this guy Nam Gyu-man (Nam Gung-Min)..... All I have to say is that, if it weren't for his character, I would have loved him. I know I would love this guy, but his character that he acted as..... I didn't like at all. Like his character is the dictionary definition of a spoiled rotten guy with anger issues.
So with me saying that, he's obviously the bad guy in this, one of many of the bad guys in this drama anyways.
Anyways, I really did like this drama. At first I was hesitant, but as I got further and further into it, I couldn't stop watching it. It was that intense of a series. Especially with all these cliffy's that they leave at the end of each episode, like seriously. Why do they do that!?! XD
I recommend this drama to those who are into watching suspense and mystery kind of shows or into k-dramas all together. I really did like it, and it's one of those that I would gladly watch again with a friend, but not by myself. I can't handle crying again by myself XD
I didn't read your review 'cause I didn't finish the drama yet, but I'll definitely read it when I do! (if that dang show dosen't kill me first ㅠㅠ)
@JarviaKlipka awesome! "Ariel"
@EmilyPeacock make sense. I think he'll love it to
@EmilyPeacock lol okay I'll look into it ^_^
@JarviaKlipka I think Hyuk just finished it last year, can't remember, but yea Hongbin was in another drama were he was going to marry this girl or something and the rest of the group guest starred in one of the episodes acting as themselves. That's as far as I remember from the other drama, I don't remember much else
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