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My #thunderbuddy has a thing for this guy. Like die hard been a fan since day one thing for this guy. What doesn't help as she said he's a choreographer. So here's to you @KhrystinaLee you Minwoo lover you.
His moments on Shinhwa Broadcast were adorable. He enjoyed himself a bit too much at times.
I don't know why but this was funny too me. Not the fact that he is short but the fact that he, in his mind was bad @$$ enough to go for it.
He took all of Eric's crap down to embracing the title Special Stupid. I found this whole thing to be highly amusing because he is so cute.
But his real talent comes from his ability to dance. Granted this isn't your most favorite arrangement. How can you not just enjoy the view?
But I do know Venus is your favorite. I would have to agree. So I found you a video of just him dancing to it. It's the MinWoo Cam!! Mostly his face but still.
Apparently everyone likes Minwoo. I think it's hilarious that he doesn't see this coming and is surprised.
You have to watch this one. The call him a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. I wonder why.....
Enjoy him, even his aegyo is cute. Smile friend, please and thank you.
*Bonus Fries* HIS ARMS Tagging the #thunderbuddies a.k.a Thunder Squad @eliseb @jessicaacosta90 @JaiiPanda @ashleyemmert @Isolate @Dianabell @sarabear1021
You really DO love me!!! <3
@KhrystinaLee of course I do!!! DUH!!!!