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Hi there! This time I chose to show you 3 more historical places in Algiers. The first one is "Le palais des raïs Bastion 23" translated as "the captains' palace 23rd fortress" which was built in 1576 during Ottoman's colonization, which was not quite a colonization but more like a protection, as a defense fortress against Spanish attacks back then in a "mauresque" (moorish) architectural style. It's a collection of 4 separate buildings with a wonderful sea view, you can see the beautiful fountain with horses next to palace, the fountain was made much later. you can see some photos from the interior with the beautiful ceiling handcraft of mauresque style also the stairs, and on the roof the cannon is still hanging on guarding the shore :) Next picture is a building in the heart of Algiers, you can't miss it if you go there it is "La Grande Poste" translated " the big post office" you have a view of the wonderful ceiling job and another one of the old mail boxes. This builiding was designed by 2 French architects in 1910 in a néo-mauresque style to fit with all the moorish buildings, by the way my grandfather (my mom's dad) worked in there until the day he died as a carpenter in the early seventies, the wooden job there is amazing with the very big gates, unfortunately I couldn't find any photos of it. The building is used as a post office even nowadays. The last photograph is "la grotte de Cervantes" translated "De Cervantes' cave" you certainly all know the famous Miguel De Cervantes the writer of "Don Quijotte dela mancha" he was captured the 26th september 1575 with his brother Rodrigo during their trip back home from Naples Italy, and held prisonner in the city of Algiers, he was free inside the city so he tried to escape several times and hide in this cave somewhere in a place called Belouizdad or belcourt (also my mom's growing neighborhood) he finally returned to Spain on 1580. Well the card allowed only ten photos so another one with Algiers food will come ASAP
@ouahoo I guess ugly construction poping everywhere is not only the problem in Algeria, but everywhere else in the world :) . Luckily in Nordi countries like ours, the government does really care about this. Whenever the new buidling is build up, they has to consider about the nature surrounds as well :(
Well nowadays new random and ugly constructions are popping everywhere in Algeria they are ruining the image of the county I hope something will be done against that :'(
Voila ! La magnification !
"La Grande Poste" I really like that post office !!
I love the northern Africa architecture, it completely different with our architecture in the northern europe :)