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Summary: EXO -M and EXO- K have ben enemies before time, there difference in species altogether has played a major role in there hatred for each other. Both species being a huge threat to the humans. What will happen when the balance that has kept these polar opposites shake? What will happen when species blend? Will this ultimately lead to war and destruction? ____________________________________ EXO-M (Wolfs): Kris Wu Yifan: Alpha Power: Flight Mate: Present Xiumin Kim Minseok: Beta Power: Ice Mate: Yet to be found. Chen Kim Jongdae: Delta Power: Lightning Mate: Present Lay Zhang Yixing: Member Power: Healing Mate: Present Tao Huang Zaitao: Newest Member Power: Time Mate: Yet to be found. Lu Han: 2nd in command Power: Telekinesis Mate: Deceased Areum Eun Seung (You): Newest Member Power: Shield (mental and physical) Mate: Female wolfs cant have a mate, they have to be 'chosen'. EXO-K (Vampires): Suho Kim Junmyeon: Leader (eldest) Power: Water Mate: Present Byun Baekhyun: 2nd in command Power: Light Mate: Not Yet Found. Park Chanyeol: 3rd in command Power: Fire Mate: Not yet found Do Kyungsoo: Member Power: Earth/ Strength Mate: Not yet found Kai Kim Jogin: Newest Member Power: Teleportation Mate: Not yet found Oh Sehun: Newborn Power: Wind Mate: Not yet found ____________________________________ Prologue: I ran. As fast as my human legs could push me through the forest. My life deepened on it, a small mistake and i would be a goner. Gone. Nothing left behind, it would be as if i never existed. My breathing had become more ragged, my steps become sloppier and my lungs felt like they would burst. I fell. Face first of course, straight into the hard cold ground. I let out a small whimper as i try to stand, of course this meant I'm dead, no one would come for me. No one ever did really. I leaned against a tree branch, my breathing coming to a halt as i listened to everything around me. My pursuer seemed like he was gone, but i knew he wasn't, he liked to stalk his prey. He enjoyed the smell of fear in the air and he loved to see his prey to scream at the sight of him. Just like he did to Sooyoung. He was inhuman, it can be taken both ways really. He has no emotions, he strived on inflecting pain and he was definitely not human. He was a vampire. It took me months to find my sisters killer, I'm no detective, just your ordinary teenage high school schooler. I have no special skills or dreams for the future. But i was motivated to find her killer. Which i did. I let out a painful chuckle, when i had realized the murder was none of the ordinary the police mocked me. No one believed me. But i dint care, i would find him wether with or without the police. I felt myself shiver as the wind picked up, then i heard it. The slight thud on something landing on the ground. It was so soft you wouldn't have been able to pick it but. But it was loud and clear in my ears. I strained to open my eyes, landing on a figure to to far from me, about a meter or two away. The sun had gone down, his face not being seen. But i would recognize those red eyes anywhere. They have haunted me in my dreams. They have haunted me since the day she died protecting me. He took small steps, steps that seemed to be taunting me in a way. I feel my insides clench in a painful way making me let out a groan of pure pain. He hasn't hurt me, he hasn't even touched me, but my body is burning and aching as if i had been tortured for days. He lets out a sinister laugh at my agony, loving the pain I'm going though. He tilts his head in the air and sniffs it. His eyes quickly dart to me. For the first time, i saw fear. And i loved ever bit of it. I didn't know why he seemed like that, but the few second he stared at me in fear made the fact i was going to die this instant more bearable. He parts his lips letting out a snarl and walks towards me in a quicker rate. This is when my life changed. When everything I've known as a mere human was thrown out of the window. My bones cracked making me lunge forward, every part of my body was burning in a painful and pleasurable way. I let out a growl as my life changed in front of my eyes. I had changed, i was no longer a human. I was a wolf.
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