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His smile, his lips, his eyes. Everything about him was perfect and you knew you wanted him badly, only that you didn't know how he felt about you. He was a very strange guy and was never the type to be so subtle around you. Sometimes he would either go over and talk to you or just plainly ignore you. He was the type of guy to flirt with you a lot but act like he didn't know a slingle thing about you. You once thought he didn't like you and the only reason he thought of talking or play around with you was because you were weak and vulnerable. It wasn't until a few months a go that you stared developing feelings for him. He never told you his name, but you already knew because of his friends. You stared at him every time you had the chance before he would catch you and smile to himself. He came towards you with a smirk and the look of the most handsome of a god. You almost drooled at his overwhelming and certainly intimidating black eyes. As he walked towards you, you felt his hand drag your arm (and the rest of your body) outside of the school into the empty and quiet hallway. Softly pinning you to the hollow and cold wall, he stared at you with sexy but yet serious eyes. He knew how nervous you were and smirked at your childish behavior. You open your mouth to speak but was interrupted by a the sound of a "uph" coming from his lips. "You should have patience, my beauty will last." He teased. "I noticed that you've been acting strange..... I can't help but wonder if you're sick or just blinded by my looks. But if you're really sick then you should tell me." You looked at him with a surprised expression. You never thought he would care about you. "Why do you care if I'm sick or not?, you barely even know me" "I don't know you?, I know every single thing about you. I know that you only like to eat your lunch while listening to music and silence because hearing voices from outside bothers you. I know you hate going outside for too long because you think you'll get darker. I know that when you're struggleling with something you would start to sweat and turn red. I know you always bite your lips when you're thinking about something and then open your eyes very wide because you forgot what you were thinking about. The list of the things I know about you can go on forever but it will bore the both of us out." His sudden confession was very surprisingly to you, and you began to think of the many ways he would know all of this; Does he stare at you so much to notice these small things? or do your friends tell him?. He grabs your hand and interwind his fingers with yours. You were not aware of his intensions but you didn't react. He leaned closer to you and spoke. "I know you might think of me as just another play boy but the truth is I'm not like those other guys. I don't like playing with a girl's heart and certainly not yours, not in a million years." "What?, what did you just say?" "You heard me, or do I have to yell it out for you. I like you A/N and I would be very heart broken if you didn't like me back." In less than a second you held him by his shirt and closed the gap between you and him. You kissed him proudly and unembarrassed. He held on to your neck as you lat go of his shirt and moved your arms to his waist. No thought of what just happened and of what you've done crossed your crazy mind, you only cared about letting it last for a long time. He slowly pulled away gasping for air. He sounded like he was struggleling to say something but smiled and smiled like there was no end to his smile. Red as a tomato, you cover your face this time actually feeling embarrassed and wanted to crawl into a corner and complain about your crazy intensions. He chuckles and takes your hands off your face, placing both of them on the part of his chest where his heart was. "This... this is how you make me feel. Your staring kills me and every time I look at those lips I want to attack them. How can someone like you do this to another human?" "I'm sorry.. I-" He stopped your apology with a another "uph" and smiled. He didn't bother to ask the question, instead he just interwined your hands with his again and kissed you, smiling into the kiss. You waited months for this and finally, for the first time, it felt like there was no tomorrow. As for your inner intensions were slowly leaving you and into his embrace. Another smile from his thick lips and you will go wild.
For the Yugyeom Sunday!!!!!! Hope you guys liked it
I know I'm late but my god your so romantic I think I've fallen lol
The feels. This was so goood
@UnnieCakesAli ..well don't think about it.. just develop it and the end will be easier.. it hurts now cause if you thinking of the end now and you know you have few situations to finish..so just develop it one at the time and the end will be there..
Omg can you please tag me in your next stories?! Please!
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