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If you don't know what a 'brony' is, it's any man from preteen to adult age with a fanatic obsession with My Little Pony. If you already know what a 'brony' is, well, I'm sorry.

Confess. Do we have any bronies up in here?

@TracyLynn the girls/women are called PegaSisters ... no, I'm not a PegaSister, but my daughter-in-law is. My son, and a couple of his friends are Bronies. *shrug* My granddaughter will probably be a PegaSister as well. I see nothing wrong with it ... unless it goes to the extreme of becoming a Furry. But even then, to each their own ... I love KPOP!!
the father is just sitting there thinking "I've failed"
@GuerlyReyes Welcome to the dark side of the internet buahahaha.
I am so lost in this card lol
I very very honestly love them all hahahahaha like Pinkie Pie is totally insane and I love that hahaha and Fluttershy is DEF my second fave!! She's so sweet to the critters and is so shy and cute! But dat Princess Luna man. I want to be a moon pony princess... @CreeTheOtaku 馃寵馃惔
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