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"Y/N?" I faintly heard someone say to me. "Agh! Y/N, are you okay? Are you having a seizure?" The voice sounded concerned. "Stop...flailing...da---" I suddenly felt like I was being pinned down and my eyes flew open. "You're finally awake." Yoongi was kneeling by my bed and leaning on the side with one hand.
"Eh...what happened?" I looked at Yoongi for answers.
"I woke up hearing a lot of noise over here. It was pretty noisy so I checked to see what the noise was. Turns out, it was you flailing around in your bed. I tried to wake you up but it kinda made it worse. You almost hit me y'know." He looked tired but a little concern was on his face.
"I'm so sorry Yoongi. I don't know why that happened, but thanks for waking me up." Yoongi nodded but didn't move.
"I thought that someone had actually come for you when I heard a lot of shuffling around. I was scared... And when I saw that no one was there, I thought you were having a seizure or something." He clutched his hands together and sat cross legged on the floor.
"I think it was just a bad dream." Yoongi looked up at me looking a bit calmer. He stood up and sat on my bed at the very end. He probably didn't want to make me feel uncomfortable or something.
" you want to talk about your dream? If you don't want to, you don't have to, I'm just saying, it can make you feel better."
" really...I barely even remember the dream." I gave a nervous chuckle but went back to my poker face.
"Do you want to describe the dream to me? What you felt, whatever you could remember, or maybe how you're feeling now." He scooted a little closer to me, but maybe that was just my imagination. I nodded and adjusted myself in a comfortable position.
"I don't remember the dream at all. I know how it left me felling though. Empty, that's what I'm feeling, like deprived of something indescribable. Kinda like loneliness but it's colder." I stared into space as I told Yoongi my feelings. Every time I looked at Yoongi to see if he had fallen asleep, he seemed just a bit closer to me. When I finished talking and looked at him, I realized that he was no longer at the end of the bed, where he started.
His knees were almost touching mine without either of us knowing, or caring.
"Y/N." Yoongi looked at me with a serious face. "Please don't feel lonely. I understand that you can't always control all of your emotions though. If you do ever fell lonely, just come to me. I'll always be there for you." I nodded and was suddenly pulled forward into Yoongi's arms. He had his arms wrapped around me in a hug. "I don't want you to feel lonely." I nodded again and somehow fell asleep right then and there.
"MI~~~~~N YOO~~~~~NGI~~~~~!!!" Ugh. So noisy, so early, so tired. "MIN YOONGI!!!" I heard a strange noise come from across the room in Yoongi's bed that sounded like a dying animal.
"FIVE MORE MINUTES!" He yelled from under his blanket.
"Y~~~/N~~~!!!" The person yelled.
"NO!" I yelled back. This is starting a yelling battle.
"FINE!!!" Both Yoongi and I yelled at the same time and shuffled out of our room and into the dining area.
"Are we going to have two Yoongis now?" Jin set a two bowls of cereal on the table as we walked out. The others made similar comments at us as we both silently ate our cereal. We finished breakfast and did our morning routines quickly. Later, we left for the Big Hit building when everyone finished.
"Boys! Y/N!" PD-nim greeted us warmly and talked a bit with the boys then ran them off to practice. Meanwhile, I sat in a conference room for what felt like hours. I had to fill out paper after paper before I could actually know about my job. "Miss Choi!" He called after the meeting. A woman walked in with perfectly done-up hair, make up, a perfect heel stride, perfectly smoothed out suit, and a glare that could kill.
"Hello there. I am Choi SoHwe." She nodded her head slightly which I'm assuming was to show a bow. "I will be introducing you to Big Hit Entertainment employee life. Please follow me to your new office, there I will tell you about your job." She turned on her heel and walked out the door and I followed her out. She led me to an office floor and to an office cubicle. "This is your office, please enter so we can start on you job introduction." I followed her orders and opened the glass door.
A desk was pushed to the far side of the office and a computer sat on top of it. In the corner was a red sofa-chair-thing. She walked in behind me and stood in the center of the room and held her clipboard close to her.
"You will be working as BTS' assistant. If any of the BTS asks you to do something, you will do it with no argument. Assignments range from listening to their songs to getting them food and sometimes pranking the other members." I nodded and wandered around the small area. SoHwe looked at me with almost disgust.
"I'm sorry for asking, but what do you do Miss Choi?"
"I organize schedules for idols that are part of our company and staff. I book venues for their concerts and fan meets most of the time though." I nodded behind her and looked at the box of miscellaneous office items. "My position in this business has nothing to do with you, so do not ask me any more questions." She said stiffly. "Allow me to remind you of your position here and to the boys that most of us work for." She turned around and stared at me with her deadly glare.
"I-I understand my place here, M-miss Ch-choi. I am just here as BTS' assistant, n-nothing more." I shakily said. It seemed like her eyes were piercing my soul.
"That's right. But you're also their experiment that they must protect, so don't go around acting high and mighty now." She stared down at me and started to bare here teeth at me. "If you cross the line..." She leaned down to about my height. " will be out of here faster than you can call for them."
YA! I felt really good today so I've decided to write the rest of the chapter. Jin's part will be up in a few hours from when this is posted. The entire time I was writing/typing this, my cat was looking at me like she was about to kill me or something. Now she's asleep in my chair. Are you all enjoying the story so far? Even though it's technically only been 7 chapters but there's been 25 parts including the prologue. I enjoy any feedback or suggestions. Even questions are good if you guys have any. Alrighty, boing~
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