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It's been a while since I've posted a good spider meme. I hope you've missed being constantly reminded of the funny community's all-time favorite animal.
What do you guys do when you see a spider? Do you kill it? Do you ignore it? Do you try to free it from the confines of your house, only to become the official Lord of the Spiders?
I would lose my shit if that happened and probably burn my house down!
im too scared to kill them mom dad anyone help 馃槈
@shannonl5 WOO HOO!!! You Rock!!!!
@2Distracted lol I'm so glad I'm getting tributes like this. I'll have this mosquito army thwarted before the summer arrives!
well @danidee the second @JimTurpen and I heard shed wage war against mosquitoes she was kinda quickly forced into the position and thrown a sword and told to "Get on it" Yeah we really didn't make it very special for @shannonl5 Please Accept my apologies for your unceremonious kingetteship! Here is a piece of cake 馃巶. Now don't forget bug spray!!!! 馃槅
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