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Fox has current removed Gambit from their movie schedule and decided to add two Mystery movies that are Marvel. Yup this has me totally shaking in my boots! My personal theory I some how thing Cable is going to some how be dropped with Deadpool. Truely it only took them under 47 days to shoot the movie so who knows what is going on at Fox!
Currently Channing Tatum has walked out on Fox because of the push back, so for all they can say we are doing a predator movie out for 2018 and we doing know if we can fix Gambit in and if Gambit is a strong enough Marvel characters that can bring crowds in. Ooooo that sounds snobbish Fox but I see your point... And it looks like this $$$$$$.
In addition to taking Gambit off of its original release date, Fox has also added two other Marvel films to their schedule. One Marvel film is slated for October 6, 2017, and another for January 12, 2018. So what are these potential Marvel movies? Well, we can guess that Gambitis being moved to October 2017, that seems like a no-brainer, especially with the film getting ready to go into production soon. However with Channing Tatum not being too happy, who knows. I guess we will have to wait until the next Comic Con to see what the hell Fox has up their sleeves!
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Hm so many choices.
@CreeTheOtaku nope lol, I think the only problem with Jensen is that he comes off rough lol. Gambit is a smooth and sly guy!
Wow it sounds like there's a lot of drama happening at Fox. Yikes
@shannonl5 honestly, I think it has to do with Deadpool and the money he will bring in and also the passion Ryan has for Deadpool, also you can get a ton of spin offs off of Deadpool too. Deadpool rocks with everyone. Gambit"s man calm to fame is that he was once a horseman for Apcoplyse. I think I might have to put him in Unsung. :( people know him but he is not going to get that push like a Doctor Strange or anything.
@LAVONYORK definitely Fox has been struggling to make their Marvel movies work since they've been hit or miss and DP probably looks like a guaranteed success (Ryan I'm sure has been whispering 'I told you so' all month) wheras with Gambit a lot of people complained about the casting choice right away