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I just watch her videos on occasion, and so I watched these and these guys seem absolutely adorable. I don't know TOPP DOGG, so if anyone can tell me about them I'd appreciate it!

I apologize for any mistakes! Let me know what you guys think!

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They are amazing!!!
@KaylinJones if it was Bjoo doing it, he would have loved it
they are some of the biggest dorks that do awesome covers, have 2 sub units, have badass vids, and very attractive men. watch them to the poporo game and it'll be the death of your voice from all the laughing you'll be doing
Oh that mouth rape was hilarious @CrystalBlunt
I know hansol is my bias and he finds every way possible to go more up my bias list everyday. its like I have to watch him for like 4hrs a day all together every day or it wont feel like a good day.