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Anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood❤

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@AimeBolanos I've loved FMA since it was first a manga into the first make based off the first few mangas that Hiromu Arakawa made. So I can never deny anything FMA ever. Pure love esp for the couples!! Such an epic ending. I cry bc I wish I could read an after story about it all!! Hiromu did some great mangas after tho which I haven't read or seen silver spoon or her other new works. Just 1 other that I can't believe I can't remember since she is my favorite female manga-ka!!
@LuffyNewman Is was an amazing manga/anime (mad props to Hiromu) and Im actually getting into Silver Spoon lol some pretty funny characters
@AimeBolanos this makes me excited I've had it on my IMAL list for a long time now but I read what it was about and was like ohh no FMA not found haha. So I didn't watch it and haven't seen it yet but I've read a tiny bit but knowing that the characters are enjoyable makes me completely changed on the matter so I will do give it my full attention as it was rated a super high manga, not as much as FMA, haha but u can't top the 2x #1 anime of all time on Japan as well as so many other places. Still she has such a talent for peaking interests even on odd subjects!!
they are just so beautiful together
that was a great anime show I loved it with all my heart and soul