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I absolutely love K-pop mashups! Especially when they are mashud up with Dope, Pretty much anything can be fused together with this lively up beat song. It matches the song and the choreography really well, Especially towards the ending when CL says,
"Hana, Dul, Set, Bitches!"
But it's said by the only swagging sugar cube, Suga. Who I believe is her long lost brother XD XD XD
They look so much alike!!!! Imagine if they had children together?! That's if the DNA test says they're siblings XD
Something extra XD
@VIPFreak2NE1 They are!!!! Like I really love when a song is mashed up with a BTS choreography because BTS has such good dances and just omg....the feels...
@MrsJungHoseok I might still make some because these videos are too good to resist 馃槅
@MrsJungHoseok I'm glad you made one though, so people would look for more馃槉
I just watched a ton of these yesterday and I was going to make a card but there were just too many 馃槧
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