@MichelleHolly the Grimm brothers are actually the ones who made most of these stories so gory. They used to be pretty tame and they added all this murder cus they were kind of gross people XD I'm surprised Hunchback isn't on here, that one's EXTREMELY different from the movie
actually one step sister cut off her toes and the other cut off her heels
I already knew a few of these. Especially the sleeping beauty one..... *shudders* The true Grimm馃槈 fairytales
Actually in the real sleeping beauty, the Prince Charming finds Aurora sleeping in the bed as usual in the movie, he kisses her but does not seem to wake her up from the spell, but insteads has S** with her. Finally, Aurora wakes up after 9 months and finds out that she is pregnant and gives birth to a newborn
LMAO THIS IS TOO MUCH. I'm sure we talked about it before. One of my favorite things is how different Disney movies and the 'real stories' usually are. Omg, especially Pocahontas.
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