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It was a hard battle, but two biases finally came out on top...

Here are the winners of 2016's Battle of the Bias!

f(x)'s AMBER!

Amber has kept her crown for the second year running as Vingle Kpop's Ultimate Girl Bias!!!

Thanks to her amazing personality, that fact that she's HILARIOUS, and her serious skills as an entertainer - Amber remains our number one lady!

BTS' V!!!!

This is super amazing because last year, BTS was knocked out of the running in the first round!!!

But this year our quirky little 4D alien has taken the crown, beating last year's Battle winner LEO!!! and is officially Vingle Kpop's ultimate boy bias :3

Congrats to the winners and all the participants, this year was REALLY tough!

And thank you to everyone who voted!!! See you next year!

V is my bias wrecker but I'm happy to see he's in so many people's hearts. STAY IN YOUR LANE THO BOY *glares*
So proud of my girl Amber and my beautiful baby V! He came out of nowhere and stole my heart, it looks like he's done that to a bunch of people recently. ❤
congrats to V and Amber now hopefully next year BAP will be in the running :)
I'm a bit disappointed Leo lost but V is amazing! His square smile gives me life. IT'S SO CUTE
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