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Thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking 3 seconds of your time to read this little toon from...Adventure Time. And of course dealing with my Wait What cards that the lovely @danidee @butterflyblu and @BeannachtOraibh set on fire with that good Internet meth Yes, I said Internet Meth, at one point I was watching Breaking Bad.. So meth popped into my head. Anyway, if you want to be tagged In Wait What leave your name and also get the scoop by following the collection Wait What. Btw if you have some Wait What going on, don't forget to tag me! @lavonyork @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @buddyesd @InPlainSight @InVinsybll @TylerDurso @danidee @danse @davidpap @CreeTheOtaku @BelleofRay @redapple615 @DustinAtkinson @Boggleman @AshelyJewell @TylerDurso @MoisEsGaray @kuzuri96 @amobigbang @ShinigamiSan @davidpap @poojas @peahyr

Btw, I believe we should all laugh! It is just good for you!

Ps. @nobankai I'm not bringing in the science behind laugher.. Just do it!
Hey even robots need pleasure
LMAO BMO WITH THE SELF-LOVE. I am cracking up.
BMO needs some loving every now and then!
bmo was lonely okay jake!
I was done! I had a serious lol moment
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